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wedding and portrait photographer based out of northern california 


2018 Wedding Favorites

Susie Mendoza

I've been going through my weddings throughout this year. Oh my it was Oh-so-Good.

I am so so grateful for all of my wonderful clients. Those who have trusted me to document such intimate and special moments of their lives. If we worked together in 2018, thank you. Truly. 


Thank you for supporting me and my family. I am so so deeply thankful for each and every one of you. Thank you for inviting me to your weddings and often treating me like family.

Thank you to my husband Danny for being such a rock. Thank you for picking up where I often fall short while trying to balance home and work. Thank you for loving our kids and taking them on countless adventures to give me a quiet workspace. I appreciate you more than I often communicate. 

I am so grateful to all the creative community that I have had the honor of meeting, collaborating with and becoming dear friends with.

Thank you to my amazing second shooters and most of all dear, dear friends Ariana Mohoroski, Cain Robles and Alisa Duenas. Thank you for being my second set of eyes, comic relief and companions. I treasure you.

2018 has been a joy. Looking forward to all the exciting sessions and collaborations that are currently in process for 2019 and many more to come. Thank you for following along in this journey.